Hello again readers! I’m sure you know that buying a house is one of the most important decisions you can make. Buying a house takes financial consideration as well as a lifestyle consideration. By the end of the house hunting process you’ll have keys to your new home and an investment. But how do you know you’re buying the right property.

Does everything in the property open and shut properly, do the doors close smoothly or do they stick. When buying the property are you okay with doing a little bit of TLC or do want your new property to be in the best condition. If you don’t mind putting in a bit of work things like busted lights and creaky doors shouldn’t be a problem however if you want a property that is in its best condition then check the doors and the lights and ask the agent if you can turn the taps on to check the water.

Important things you need to look out for are if the floors slope or bounce, if there are cracks in the walls, mould or stained ceilings. Sloped floors and bouncy floors could mean that the stumps need replacing. Cracked in the walls could be an indication of subsidence and mould and stained ceilings are signs of water damage. If you want to know more about the building, ask the agent for a Building and Pest report.

Looking for a property is an important task so when you’re at an inspection ask the agent as many questions as possible so that you know if it might be the one for you.

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