Hello again reader! With the change in climate we have to save more water now than ever. Saving water cannot help with the bills but also the environment so I applaud everyone to have a go. There are ten simple things you can do save water in your household.

  1. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, just put a bit of water on your brush before and after.
  2. Take shorter showers, 5 to 10-minute showers are what I recommend if you struggle with getting out just put an alarm on your phone.
  3. Get a low-flow shower head, this can also help with those who need longer showers
  4. When washing your clothes always have a full load so you get the most out of each wash as well as washing them with cold water.
  5. Use a jug instead of always going to the sink
  6. Install a water meter, so you know how much water you have been using. This also means you can limit yourself.
  7. Install a cistern-displacement device in your toilet tank so that the amount of water you use with each flush is reduced
  8. When in the kitchen don’t leave the water running when rinsing
  9. Always fill up your dishwasher and use shorter cycles.
  10. Finally, if possible, install a tank so you can save and store water. A small tank that is connected to your toilet and washing machine can save around 20,000L of water a year

Remember water is precious and we have to save as much as we can

Kind Regards,

Tamara Lee xoxo

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