Hi again readers,

We have had lots of buyers, sellers, tenants and home owners ask us for our tips & tricks on moving home! Read on for some great advice…


  • Throw away, recycle or donate all your unwanted items in advance. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it will be to pack (and unpack) when you’re not taking all that junk with you.
  • Book the removalists and boxes in advance!
  • Make a note of all the mail you get and gradually change your address with all your received mail.
  • Clear your schedule for at least a couple of days. If you are moving mid-week, book time off work!
  • Pack and label your boxes by room. Resist the temptation to pack similar items together from different rooms.
  • Have plenty of stationery equipment – you can never have enough tape, scissors and black markers for moving

On the day!

  • Finish packing your boxes before the removalists arrive
  • Have plenty of water and snacks throughout the day. Staying hydrated and energized is essential on moving day. It’s also a good idea to keep some cash handy for unexpected items like taxis and pizza
  • Pack a box of suitcase you’ll need for the first night. You don’t want to be trawling through your boxes looking for your PJs and toothbrush

Post move!

  • Organize the collection of used boxes, either back to the box company or to be recycled.
  • Book the cleaner for the day after moving, rather than on the day to give yourself more time to clear everything out.

& lastly, good luck! If you need any advice about property, please feel free to call the Tamara Lee team on 0421 767 034.

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