Hi again readers,

It’s that time of the week… another #TamaraLee helpful blog! This week the topic is… decluttering the kitchen, probably the most dreaded room to spring clean. Fear not, for we have a helpful step by step guide on making a big job, simple.

1. Toss anything that you don’t use or is expired away, you don’t need it!

2. Go through all your draws and ask yourself “do I really use this?” if the answer is no, clean it anyway and donate to those who are in need

3. Keep a few cookbooks and stack them neatly, give the rest to a charity

4. Be brave and venture underneath the sink, throw away any old cleaning supplies, half used dishwashing liquid from three months ago & those old tea towels, do you really use them?

5. Have a look on Pinterset for some storage & design inspiration, you can’t go wrong with a simple indoor plant, candle and clean benchtop.

Lastly, pop on your favourite upbeat Spotify playlist and get to it!

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